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Digital Citizenship At School

This page is a reminder of the Digital Citizenship Agreement that is signed by Campbells Bay School students. For more tips, tricks and downloads visit the CBS Student/teacher portal.

Looking after yourself online includes:

  • choosing online names that are respectful and appropriate
  • only visiting sites that are appropriate, and respecting age limits on websites. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t show the site to your parents or grandparents, it is inappropriate
  • making sure you have strict privacy settings so only people you know can see your photos and personal information
  • only putting information online that is appropriate, and only posting suitable pictures. Not everyone viewing them will be friendly
  • reporting anything you see online that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy
  • talking to adults and people you trust about your online experiences, both good and bad

Looking after others online includes:

  • not flaming (sending hurtful or inflammatory messages) others, or forwarding messages that are unkind or inappropriate
  • not getting involved in conversations that are unkind, mean or bullying
  • by reporting any conversations that you think might be hurtful or bullying. Try imagining how you would feel if the conversation were about you
  • not visiting websites that show people behaving disrespectfully or illegally. If you do find a website like that, or one that is racist, bigoted or inappropriate in any way, close it and tell an adult
  • showing respect for other people’s privacy online by not attempting to get into their online spaces, stalking them or copying their photos or information

Digital Citizenship at Home

Discuss with your parents what type of images and online content they think it is appropriate for you to see and share. If you share images online, discuss the apps you use and who you communicate with through services like MessageMe and Instagram.

For parents we have guides to Instagram and Facebook which can be found on the CBS Student/teacher portal.

Social Media Guide for Parents

Netsafe has co-launched a guide for parents whose children are using Instagram, and what they need to know.

As parents, it is important to understand social media and the settings available to protect privacy and keep children safe.

Most social media websites have an age limit of 13 and over, but the reality is this is not actively monitored and many of our children will use these websites regardless of the limit. Knowing this, it is important parents remain vigilant and make sure their children are making informed choices online.

Given the constant news articles about suspect online activities in New Zealand, we need to be involved and be knowledgeable. We need to set a good example and do whatever we feel is the right thing for our families.