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A Context

Families are becoming busier and busier. It seems that more activities are planned both after school and at weekend that was the case a generation ago. We live in an ever changing and fast paced world. To be user-friendly and helpful, homework at primary school must fit into this environment.

Rationale for Homework

Homework provides a link between school and home while encouraging students to practice work that they have been introduced to at school.


Homework should run from Friday to Thursday, thereby allowing greater flexibility for families by providing the weekend to do homework.

Homework will be set for a maximum average of 20 minutes per five nights of school over a week.

Homework will consist of reading and basic facts (when appropriate). Note: Basic facts are very important and take time to learn. They are best learnt at home in the student’s homework time.

The ‘athon each year will replace this homework for 2–3 weeks.

Years 4-6 may have research homework that it directly linked to the class programme. It must not exceed the 20-minute guideline and allow for reading time. It may replace basic facts time.

Reading is to be encouraged at all times in the home.


Homework will compliment rather than consume family time, as the homework tasks will be manageable in time while the homework will be appropriate to the need of students and will reflect class programmes.