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2015 School Camps: March-April

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Our school camp season this year coincided with (mostly) favourable weather. As usual, support for the camps from parents and caregivers was phenomenal, while teachers, again, provided outstanding leadership across all three camps. Our children are very fortunate with the support they receive from the adults around them.

Year six had at three night/four day camp at Carey Park in the Henderson Valley. This is a superbly equipped and well run facility that provided an excellent experience for our year six students. Year five students experienced the cultural diversity that is Rotorua with a two night/three day camp and year four students had a ‘camp taster’ with a day at Carey Park in order to ready them for the overnight camps in their following two years.

We extend our thanks to everybody who supported the camps. This meant that all three year levels experienced camps of the highest standard and while students returned to school tired they also arrived back full of tales of wonder. That makes it all worth while.

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