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Behaviour Management

We encourage the development of self-discipline. Each class will have a class

behaviour management plan. This will have been discussed with the students and

established through what we call circle time. At a set time during the week children

are rewarded with “Golden Time.” Students who have kept the school rules for the

set period of time take part in Golden Time. Students who have not kept to the rules

will not take part in Golden Time.

While the emphasis is on rewarding appropriate behaviour it is necessary, from time

to time, to institute consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Should a student’s

behaviour be of concern the Team Leader for the student’s class will be involved.

Should the case be considered to be of a sufficiently serious nature, the Deputy

Principal will be involved.

Students may be sent to Home Base for a detention during their lunch times.

Parents will be notified of this. Students from Year 3 onwards are responsible for

informing parents by way of a form which needs to be signed and returned to school.

By this means they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own choices.

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